Inspiration SPRING!

Spring is wonderful! After long Swedish winter you feel like everything is finally full of life, full of strength and beauty. It is amazing what a huge difference sun can do to our whole existence! You suddenly feel so much energy, so much happiness and less but not the least you constantly get inspired. Yes, nature is the best inspiration for me! You see those beautiful colors, you smell those wonderful fragrances that come from nature and you can not stop admire the beauty of nature. So simple but yet so complicated.

When I go outside with my dog and see all of the beautiful flowers with the whole variety of gorgeous colors, green grass and blue sky it feels like my whole body wants to just burst out singing and screaming just because I am happy. Nature is my muse!

Well, enough with all the lyrics! It’s been ages since I wrote in my blog. I missed it! I missed all of the amazing people that I follow with their interesting stories. So now I am back. Inspired, awaken and back on track with my projects. Since it started to warm up outside – it is time for outdoor projects. This year I am growing organic veggies: kale, red beets, cucumbers, beans, herbs, lettuce and some other great stuff. So right now I am looking for some garden inspiration. My little two-year-old angel is very excited. He goes and checks up on plants every single day, even though they are still tiny. He says that soon it will be cucumbers (because cucumbers are pretty much the only veggie he likes). So yes, we are growing some cucumbers this year. And extra fun part is that he gets to water all the plants (well, not mention that he waters not only plants but windows, walls, floor and pretty much the whole room). But the main part is that he thinks it is fun.

The other day I was thinking about how our life is connected with pleasures. Some people chose to spend their lives being stressed at their stressful jobs, solving problems that they can’t really solve, searching for happiness and meaning with life. Not all of us can just stop, breathe and enjoy. I think that there is so much happiness in every single flower, every single tree, every leaf, every little creature! Spring is time to enjoy! Hope you feel just like I do! Happy Spring dear friends! Spring 1 Spring 2 Spring 3


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