My transition to being vegetarian and hopefully 100% vegan soon!

11 years ago I was very lucky to receive a scholarship from the US Department of State and move to the US as an exchange student. I ended up going to Louisiana to live with a real southern family – The Fischers. The Fischers were an amazing family. Mr.Fischer worked as an AG (agricultural science) teacher. Both Mr.Fischer and 3 boys were hunters. When I first moved in with them – I learned to eat pork chops, huge pizzas, drink gallons of milk, make alligator sausage and I was on the way of becoming a real country girl. I was16 at that time. 

A couple of months after moving to the US – I met Fischers neighbors – Mrs.Val and Mr.Mike – a vegan family. Mrs.Val and Mr.Mike were a wonderful people, but everybody around pretty much though they were crazy because of the healthy way they lived by. The first thing that really surprised me was their age – both of them were over 50 and both of them looked amazing. I was so fascinated by them that I instantly became a really close friend with them and started hanging out by their house all the time. It was so much fun because they treated me like their little daughter and I got all the attention that I did not get at the Fischers house. I often ate dinners at lunches with my new friends. It was so interesting for me to eat vegan food. At first I was really shocked that people actually consumed NO meat or dairy products. I really questioned their life style, but very soon I learned to love every single meal. Every time I met with Mrs.Val and Mr.Mike I would feel super energetic and happy. Every time I would go back to the Fischers – I would eat pizzas, hamburgers, pork chops – and it would make me feel tired and lazy. At that point I was only 16 and I realize that I did not understand anything. 

I left the US one year later, but returned back there several times to visit all of my wonderful friend, The Fischers, Mrs.Val and Mr.Mike. That year in the US was such a huge transformation for me. Thanks to Mrs.Val and Mr.Mike I started to really care about the food I ate. I still ate meat but I always tried to make as healthy choices as possible. And I almost never ate red meat, just chicken and fish (if I had to). I was not strong enough as a person to really explain to people that I do not like meat any more – and I choose not to eat it. So I kind of ate meat whenever I would visit family and friends. 

As time went by – I was more and more aware of the meat production industry, of all of the horrible conditions that animals live in, about all the negative influence that meat production has on our environment. I have always been a huge animals fan and the idea of animals being killed just so humanity can eat it started to frighten me at some point. People love their pets: dogs, cats, horses are so cute – we would never let something happen to our loved ones. But for some reason we are prepared to eat dead animals? Pigs, cows, chickens that are as cute as our dogs and cats and also are living creatures – what is the difference? Why can’t we kill our dog and eat it? But we consume other dead flesh. Every living creature wants to live and deserves to live, just like we humans do. Why eat them? I know most of us grow up eating animals, but now when we all are adults and we make conscious choices – we can choose better ways. Various research shows how bad meat and dairy products actually are: people who eat meat have much bigger chances of dying from a heart attack or cancer, often more obese and unhealthy than people who do not consume meat. The other reason that really convinced me was the cruelty that most of the farm animals raised in. Horrible conditions, bad food, various antibiotics that animals are fed with is horrible. If every person had to actually go and kill the animals that they are eating – would they actually eat animals or would they choose the salad instead? 

The environmental impact of the meat production is another reason to change my life style! Why would I want to contribute to our horrible environmental situation in the World? I am a mom and have a little son and there is nothing more I want for him than to be healthy, growing up drinking good water and breathing fresh air. I want this not only for my son – but for all of us humans, for the future generations. 

I have now stopped eating meat products and I am noticing a huge improvement in the way I feel every single day. My skin cleared up, I have no more head aches, bloating. I have lots of energy during the day and I just feel great! Changing your life style is hard – especially when it comes to cooking. I now have to learn new ways of cooking, I have to learn how to use new products – but it is totally worth it. 

We all are grown ups and we can make our own conscious choices. Just ask yourself if animals really have to die so we humans can EAT? Or is there any other ways? 

I found this amazing story that really explains it all! Please watch! And thank you for reading!


12 thoughts on “My transition to being vegetarian and hopefully 100% vegan soon!

  1. That’s a great story! The family you stayed with and their neighbors seem like complete opposites! But it sounds like it was a great opportunity to learn both sides. I became a vegetarian when I was 10 and I went vegan 13 years ago. It was a great choice and I’m happy to hear you’ve had a good experience with it too. Your son is so lucky to have a mom who can start him off on the right foot!

  2. Thank you so much! I think it is funny how life always gives you two choices and in my case those two different families were representing two completely different ways of life: being overweight, taking the whole bunch of medicines just to pass through the day OR being healthy and looking young, having energy to live the life to the fullest. Even though it took me 10 years to figure it all out – I am happy I did! I feel like every single day gives me new energy and my body feels totally different! I am sure it will only get better from now on! So happy to hear there are people like me out there! Thank you for your support:-)

    • Hey! What is hard for you to do the transition? Do you eat any dairy products at all? I would love to go vegan, but I am so in love with cheese – and unfortunately here in Sweden they do not have so many vegan products. The only way you can get vegan stuff here is by ordering online! Why did you decide to stop eating meat? Was it mostly for your health or some other reasons?

      • Yes, the transition was hard! It got easier over time, however; and now I can’t imagine going back to the way I ate before. I honestly love being vegan now. Dairy products were the hardest for me to give up. Before going vegan, cheese, ice cream and butter were my favorite foods (well…. besides chocolate:-). For the first few months of my conversion, I craved ice cream so bad you’d think I was pregnant (I usually gave into these cravings too). But, I learned that your taste buds adjust and learn to like whatever you typically eat. So, after I stopped eating dairy for awhile, the cravings went away. I don’t crave dairy at all anymore. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I’m actually vegan because of how much I used to love dairy. But here I am! I’m also fortunate because I can get great-tasting vegan replacements for most of the things I used to love. It sounds like this isn’t true for you, which makes it much more of a challenge! To answer your other question about why I stopped eating meat, in the beginning it was all about me! I wanted to be healthier. Then, as I learned more about the way animals are treated on factory farms and about the environmental bennies to being vegan, I started to care about these issues too. Anyway, I’m glad that we found each other, and I look forward to keeping in touch!

  3. Great article! I am a vegetarian, and I love it. It may not be for everyone, but I encourage people to try it and see how they feel.

    • Exactly! That is how I feel! Once you become vegetarian and see how great you feel and how much energy you get – you really want you friends to try it! The sad thing is that many people actually get irritated at you for trying to explain to them why you do not eat meat:-)! How do you feel about vegan?

      • Wow, this is a late reply (sorry)! I think going vegan is admirable, but it is not for me. I respect people that are vegan, but it does make social/eating situations difficult. However, I say: live and let live.

  4. Very interesting read…I became vegetarian myself about 6 months ago. Due to my passion for animals I had felt like a hypocrite for years. I always liked the taste of meat and still miss it, but I feel so much better about myself now that im not contributing to all that pain and suffering. Animals don’t exist for human consumption, they have a right to live their lives.

    • Thank you so much for your support! I feel exactly the same! Why can’t we live without consumption of animals? Our society has gotten so cruel that we stopped valuing lives of living creatures – now it is only a huge industry, industry that makes people sick! I wish more people would go vegetarian or vegan so together we could contribute to a better world! Have a wonderful day! /Elle

    • Thank you Amanda! Looking forward to staying in touch with you from now on! Just watched food hospital on TLC – that proves one more time that good food is the best medicine and it just inspires me more and more to continue with being vegetarian and hopefully vegan soon!:-)

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