My Charming Office and First Day of Spring: I am at it again – decorating!

1st of March is always my most favorite day of the year! After several months of Swedish winter 1st of March represents the beginning of another half of the year – spring and summer time! And I always have my little celebration! Fresh tulips is another spring symbol for me, so today I am celebrating the beginning of a new season with fresh tulips, my new antique silver vase and of course DECORATING!



Today I decided to create a little office space using as usually things in our house that are not being used! To be honest, I have a little problem with all of the empty spaces that have NO PURPOSe! When decorating our house I am always trying to create some purpose for every single space, so, today I have decorated another empty corner in our house and transferred it into one charming office space!


IMG_5663 IMG_5655

We got this white antique table from my husbands grand grandparents 4 years ago. It was in a pretty horrible condition, but I managed to beautify it with some fresh paint. I love to keep old furniture looking old! Somehow when the furniture is completely renewed it loses its original charm!

This silver vase with fresh tulips is something that I picked up couple of weeks ago from the flea market! It was an instant love at first sight! Don’t you love flea markets? The vase came with three other silver pieces and costed me 10 dollars. An old globe on the desk is something that we also got from the grannies! It originally had a lamp in it and worked as a table lamp, but since it broke nobody in the family wanted it – so I took it! Globes inspire me – that is why I think they are perfect for your working space! Globes makes me think of traveling, various cultures, various people and all of the mysteries of the world. When I run out of my decorative ideas I just look at the globe -and something instantly pops up in my head!

Three shelves that I put up are the ones that were left behind after I redecorated our bedroom. They were laying in the garage collecting dust for the past three months – and now I brought them back to life! These shelves are perfect for all of my sewing/decoupage things! Another little shelf on the right side of the table was perfect place for the printer. I hate when printer takes sooo much space on your desk, so I had to put it some where far away fro the desk, but not to far! So now when I print things out they just fly down on my desk, ha ha, and I absolutely love it!

I love my little office and its’ rustic charm! The best thing is that it costed me NOTHING to put it all together! And that is the best thing! I believe that every house can look amazingly charming with a very little or no budget! Another great things is that all of the materials used in this decorative project are 100% natural. It is nothing but solid wood for both desk, shelves, and the wood panels on the walls. At first when we moved into the house I wanted to get rid of them, but now I am happy I kept them!

Have a wonderful first day of SPRING!






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