Welcome to our new bedroom!

I took some better pictures of our bedroom transformation later this afternoon. This room is too far from being complete! Here is a short list of what needs to be done:

  • nice white mirror needs to be put up either on the left wall or two mirrors on each side of the bed (what you think is best for this room? give me some ideas!:-))
  • two identical lamps, or one accent lamp
  • more art on the walls: photographs, DIY wall art
  • a new rug ( I am thinking about painting an IKEA rug – what color should I use? Should I stick with the neutrals or should I make it some pop-out color?)
  • painting the floor white ( I love this wonderful wooden floors – it is original floors of the house, but in some time I was thinking of painting them white to give this room a more glamorous feeling! Should I paint or keep the floors natural?)

DSC01935 DSC01936 DSC01937 DSC01939 DSC01943 DSC01944 DSC01948 DSC01949 DSC01950 DSC01957 DSC01960 DSC01961 DSC01962


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