DIY head board: or how to repurpose an old door and Ikea mattress

So I wanted to do this project for a very long time! Being inspired by pinterest and some wonderful people on wordpress – I finally felt like I could do it too! We did not have a head board for our bed and I decided to make one using and old door and old mattress from Ikea. When doing all of my project it is very important  to think “green” and try to repurpose old things as much as possible. So an idea of using an old door and a a mattress seemed great. I wanted to make something simple, yet sophisticated in neutral colors. I love neutrals. You can always spice up the rooms with some great curtains, carpet and cushions that have some color and patterns, but I prefer the basics to remain neutral – so they can last:-) Here is a headboard that I found on pinterest that inspired me:

head board

I knew I could do something similar. I picked up some great fabric in beige, nailheads and started my project:

1) I screwed down on old door. And here is what it looked like ( a complete disaster as I used to call it)

2) Cut the old mattress size of the door

3) Attached the mattress to the door with some masking tape and a bit of glue so it would stay in place

4) Upholstered this whole construction with fabric

5) Hammered the nailheads in place and it was finished!

6) We also mounted three lamps on the back of the headboard so we could have that exclusive lighting in the evening time! And it turned out great!

Here how it looks like now:

bild 5-2

bild 1-29

I documented this whole process with my iphone and here you go:

bild 1-2 bild 2-2 bild 3-2 bild 4-2 bild 5-2


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