Complete room make-over: from kids room to master bedroom

I love Christmas holidays. In Sweden Christmas and New Years holidays last for about two weeks. It is so wonderful to finally leave the stress behind and to relax! No more early morning, no more university, not so many “MUSTS”! It is time when the world can finally relax and breathe! BUT NOT ME!:-) After 10 days of doing absolutely nothing I felt panic! My restlessness was driving me up the walls and I realized that I need some action! So I decided to do a complete make-over of one of the rooms in the house. When we moved into the house 3,5 years – we had this pink kids room that we instantly transferred to our baby’s nursery. But after our boy got a little bigger this room ended up empty because Nicke – our son occupied the guest room downstairs. So the pink room ended up being empty, collecting the whole bunch of junk, old toys, old tv bank and some other stuff. So it was perfect! I wanted to give this room a new life and I transferred to our master bedroom!

Here is how this room looked BEFORE:


And here is what it looks like AFTER:



(Sorry the horrible picture quality – haven’t hade a chance to take pictures with a real camera yet)


So here is what I did:

1) I picked up some wall paint 10 dollars/bucket (2,5 liters)*3

2) I started by taking down all the shelving/wall decorations

3) I filled all the imperfections with some filler

4)I painted ceiling white and then I painted the walls

Than came my favorite part! DECORATING! We moved in the furniture that we had in our old master bedroom (that is my next project: it will transferred to our sons playground). Than I made my own headboard with a great fabric that I picked on sale for only 10 dollars! ( I will post tutorial on this page soon). We mounted some  lamps on the back of the headboard so we can have this exclusive hotel kind of lighting in our room in the evening time. I reupholstered and painted white an old piano chair that was black before and turned it into a beautiful ottoman that I put by our bed. I made some cute wall art using the left-over fabric from the headboard. I bought some amazing luxury curtains that I found on sale for 6 dollar/pair, new cute pillows for our bed and voila! Total budget for this make-over with paint for the walls, new fabric, curtains was less than 100 dollars. This room is far from being finished as I plan on putting some beautiful mirror on the wall, a shelf and some other cute decorations. Here comes some more pictures of our new bedroom!

bild 1-29 bild 2-28 bild 3-21



Do you have any suggestions on how I could decorate the walls? I was thinking about putting a big white mirror on one of the walls and may be some pictures/paintings! I would be more than happy to hear what you all think about this!

Have a wonderful day!




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