Hand-Made Christmas 2012: stress free and fun holidays

Sweden in December. Lots of snow! It is christmas time and people are busy getting presents. Stores filled with people! People everywhere! You can hardly find any parking space outside shopping malls. Well, should I say it all starts pretty much in October, just right after Halloween. We are so busy getting ready for Christmas that when it comes we feel tired, stressed and that christmas spirit that suppose to be there is somewhere else:-). That is exactly how christmas felt for me for the past couple of years. This time of the year has become so commercialized that people do not really care spending time with their family (which is Christmas’ original meaning). People are buying STUFF – lots of stuff! So when we finally getting together all we do is exchange our presents (or should I say exchange money). We teach our children that christmas is all about getting stuff. I am not sure that a 10-year-old really cares about having a quality time during christmas. Kids care about the stuff they are getting. Well, I know I sound like an old grouch, but that is the main reason why I am trying to convert christmas to something more fun, less material and more of “quality time with the family” kind of holiday. In order to skip that “money” part I decided to hand-made all of the christmas stuff this year. Yes, including presents, christmas tree ornaments, decorations for the house and rest of the christmas stuff.

It all started with a wreath. I though it was ridiculous to pay 20-30 dollars for the most simple wreath that you put on your door. So I made one myself! It costed me 2 dollars for the wreath base or whatever it is called! The rest of the stuff I had at home: old ornaments, some felt, card board. The other stuff I got from the woods. I just went and picked it up and took home. It costed me 0 dollars and I also felt like it was 100% organic:-)! (Well, that was the other part of the plan – Organic, ecological christmas). Here is what it looks like! I think it is cute:-)!

IMG_4969 IMG_4972


When it was time to think about the presents – I had no time or energy to run around stores filled with people in a search for just another THING that people do not really need. So that is where I decided that I would actually make my own christmas baskets filled with organic stuff. I made my own oil with different spices and herbs, herb salt and I also bought locally produced chutney from the farmer nearby and some organic crisp bread.

Than I made decoupage plates that you can use to put candles on. It was super easy and all I needed was a wrapping paper and some mod podge. Turned out pretty cute!

IMG_4984 IMG_4988


Than me and my little boy decided to bake some christmas tree ornaments. But we had gone completely wild and did all kinds of ornaments. WE  made some salt dough, used some ribbons, buttons and even acrylic paint! We even made a neckless and decorated our organic baskets with the baked ornaments. It was so much fun and now we can say that our christmas is entirely hand made! It was NO stress, lots of fun and we had a really great time doing all these things together. Here is some more pics! Have a wonderful Christmas my friends!

IMG_4946 IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4952 IMG_4957 IMG_4961 IMG_4962 IMG_4966 IMG_4968 IMG_4980 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983


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