Green Fashion: clothes swap inspiration

I feel like it has been ages since I posted anything on my blog. I have been extremely busy educating myself on sustainable green fashion. Will tell you shortly what I have been up to for the past 4 months. As part of my project management course at the university me and my other 3 class mates have been doing a project. When we got this assignment we really had no clue on what kind of project we would want to do. The only interest all of us girls had in common was of course fashion and clothes. One of our girls came up with idea of having a clothes swapping night. And I instantly thought that it was a brilliant idea. The reason I did that was because just a couple of weeks before that I watched a horror documentary that was called Fashion Victims (Modets Offer on Swedish). Documentary was about fashion, and about fashion “behind the scenes” – textiles production. I was completely shocked by all the facts about chemicals that are being used in production of textiles. And not only those chemicals go into our skin, getting absorbed by all of our body organs – those chemicals are being released into our water, soil and our nature gets destroyed. People who work on production of textiles in third world countries are offered nothing more than horrible conditions. They work for nothing in horrible conditions, having no hair on their body and dying from cancer at the age of 35, not mentioning all the kids labor. I am not going to tell you anything else, because these facts are scary. Did you have any idea that in order to produce one jacket that weights about 1 kg – it is required 3 kilograms of chemicals and 53 bath tubs with water? I mean, this is insane! Well, back to the story. I was totally shocked and inspired by that documentary. So when Anna offered the idea of having a clothes swap night in our university – I had no doubts. I wanted to do it 100%! And we did it!

It took us months of hard work, fights, arguments, but at the end we did it and we did it good. Not only we had a swapping event – we also combined it with inspirational lecture from amazing clothing consultant who told girls on how to shop smart and think “green”. We showed our guests interesting clothes makeovers and all of the ladies were really happy they came and participated. Now the project is over and I am happy it is over. But it has been a great experience for me. I am now a different person and when I shop – I think “green”.

So please, think about what you are buying and how much you do it. The whole bunch of cheap textiles is nothing but a pile of chemicals that you bring into your house. Instead of shopping “whatever” – save some money and invest in the items that can last you several years. It is not cheaper to shop a lot on sales. It is much more expensive. Fast fashion is destroying our society, makes us addicted into creating huge closets filled with nothingness and destroys our environment.

IMG_9418    _MG_9405_MG_9425_MG_9404


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