The Wall Art Project: repurposing old tiles!

I am extremely proud to tell you all that now I am actually taking a design course at my university. All these years I knew that my biggest passion was interior design – but I never really had the courage to really study it for some reason. I guess it is hard to believe that our dreams can actually come true and we can actually be working with something that we absolutely love. But now I left all those thoughts behind and instead will try to do my best in order to turn something that I love into my future occupation! The course that I am taking is a Design History and Theory course. We focus on different designs, designers and different concepts! I love everything that has to do with design – but find it the most interesting when we actually discuss eco – design, or green design. Lately I have been really thinking about overconsumption in our society and all of the things that we buy – that eventually go to waste! Well, I think that by really thinking about how we use all our stuff – we can contribute to elimination of overconsumption! That is why I will be focusing on redesigning old things and repurposing all the old stuff I get my hands on as well.

I am still in love with mod podge! (even though I hate the name of it and always misspell it, so if you see pod modge, pod podge, modge nodge – don’t bother! I mean mod podge:-)) In this post I want to share my latest wall art design. In order to create it I used old tiles that I found in our garage, one baking sheet, old pictures and mod podge. I slightly burned the edges of the baking paper and glued it to the tile, then  slightly burned the edges of our old pictures – glued it on top of the baking paper and mod podged the whole thing! Now I just have to figure out a good way to actually mount this thing on the wall. If you have some great ideas – just let me know! I think this wall art turned out to be great! You can use any type of tiles and any types of pictures and any types of paper so you can get as creative as you want with this! And the best part is that I used something that we were getting ready to throw away! Check it out!



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