Decoupage: Thank you to my best friend and soul mate who inspired me.

I am so blessed to have some amazing people in my life as my closest friends. My amazing friend Ksenia whom I have been knowing since I was a teenage girl is the one who is my biggest inspiration. Ksenia is a huge fan of decoupage. She has been doing various decoupage projects for the past two years and I heard her constantly talking about it, but I always felt like I never had the time to learn. But one day, when I saw that one lady was holding a decoupage course in our town – I decided to sign up and now I am really glad I did. Just to show you guys what amazing things you can create with your own hands, napkins and a bit of mod podge, I am attaching pictures of amazing projects that Ksenia has accomplished – projects that inspired me to learn this amazing technique. Ksenia has just recently moved to live in the USA and I hope that in the near future she will be opening her own little store where she can sell her wonderful little things. ImageImageImageImageImageImagehugImageImageImage


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