Ikea table makeover!

I am not a big fan of expensive furniture pieces! Once you have children you do not really see the point of investing your money into the furniture that more than likely will end up being destroyed by your little one! So Ikea furniture is perfect! Most of it is really unexpensive, looks good and gives you plenty of room to use your own creativity if you want! For a long time I have been looking for some great ideas for a living room table! Something that will be easy to make and not expensive at the same time! So I came across one of the pins on pinterest where they talked about transforming 5 dollar ikea side table into something for glamorous with the help of nailheads! So here is what I did! I bought 4 plain Ikea LACK side tables for 5 dollars a piece! And I followed instructions on this page:


And here is what I ended up with:

Ikea LACK side table in its original form400 nailheads that are needed to create to side tablesThan it is time for the nailheads and hammer!

Make sure to get some help when doing this:-)

One of the tables is finished! As you see it is one whole side table, plus you use the board from the other one and put them together to create a table like this one!


So I ended up making two tables like that and now I have them standing next to each other in the living room! I will be coming back with high res pictures in a little while! All I can say is that I had so much fun doing this (except the times I managed to hammer my own fingers to this table, haha) But I am so happy with the result! As you can see there are a couple of screw ups that I made, but oh well! You never LEARN until you try! And I think I did a great job!




4 thoughts on “Ikea table makeover!

  1. Very creative! I used to do creative stuff like that, but I’ve gotten out of the habit lately. Now I spend all my free time blogging. Oh well, that’s creative in a way too. Celeste:)

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