Funky garden chandelier: of have some fun with your kids

One sunny day me and my little son who just loves being outside decided to make something funny for our porch! Something that we can use every day! We came up with an idea of making a chandelier from things that we had in our garage!:-)! We all know that the easiest way to make a chandelier for the tine candle is to use glass jars…so here is what we did! We took a piece of wooden board, some metal wire and 3 glass jars! Than we attached all the jars to the board! In order to add something extra we used to left over christmas decorations and a plastic flower! So check out what it looks like now:-)! It is funky and cool and my son was so happy to help me make it so now whenever we light it up in the evenings-he gets really happy! And it is sooo easy! Took us only 1 hour to make!


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