Accessories ladder: part II

Did you notice that once you have not blogged for a while it takes kind of like a new courage to start blogging again! It is interesting how it works with all the routines in our life! Once you are out of it-it is hard to get back! BUT! I am back! I have done a couple of interesting projects this summer! First of all a little more about my latest project – the ACCESSORIES LADDER! Now that I have had it for a couple of months I am happy to confirm that it is extremely useful! All my accessories are hanging happily in one place now it is is awesome! For a busy/somewhat stressed mom like me who needs to be doing like 100 different things at once-it is a perfect way of organizing all your stuff in one place! So I highly recommend to get one like that in your house! And the best part is that you can have it in any tiny corner of your house! It takes up almost NO space! Here comes the pics! As you see on one of the pictures I even attached a tiny picture frame of me, my mom and my sister when me and my sister were little:-) Reminds me of all the happy times when I look at it!








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