Accessories Ladder: the most amazing DIY of all times!

Today I have created something completely amazing! For several months I had an idea of creating a ladder that I could use for my accessories! Yes! A LADDER that you can put inside of your house and put anything on it! I mean all those things that needs to be hanged at one place! For example: necklaces, glasses, keys, klutches, rings, etc! Whatever needs to be hanged in one place!

I have been lucky to live just 5 minutes from the woods! So this is what I did! I went into the woods with a couple of girls from my family and we literally took down like 3 little trees or picked up those that were already on the ground! Of course it is better NOT to saw down trees for these, so we tried to use the most FRIENDLY ways to do this! Anyways, at the end we got some wood home that we could use for this project! Here is what it all looked like from the beginning to the END! Check it out!

That is how it looked after we decided to beautify our wood pieces a little bit!

That is the main instrument that we used to do the JOB:

We were real handy chicks today!

That is how it looked like when we were almost done!

We are almost there!

Final product! The only thing that is missing is may be a little of white paint?!?!

The most fun part is when everything was finished and we got to put some of my accessories on it to see how it looked like! And guess what?!? It looked absolutely FANTABULOUS! Check it out!

Hello there ACCESSORIES LADDER! Welcome to this world!

Looks absolutely AMAZING!

My baby is finished!


So what do you think? I absolutely love it! I think a ladder like this can easily fit into any closet or a hallway! Actually, I am not finished with this project! I think you can go even further, and put little hooks on it so you can hang tiny things like rings and keys too! You can paint it any color! You can put PICTURe FRAMES on it with family pictures! Or you can have it in the kitchen and may decorate it with onions, garlics, etc! WHATEVER YOU LIKE! I think I am going to develop this ladder into something even more glamorous! So this is just a beginning! STAY TUNED!




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