Summer: It’s time to decorate your house with some color!

It’s summer time outside! But what about the INSIDEs? Your home needs some summer vibes too, that is why I suggest you add some color to your living space! No, I am not talking about doing some big changes! In order to add color to the room the only thing you really need is to change curtains and add a couple of colorful pillows on your sofa or may be some other tiny details!

This year I have chosen pink! A lot of people are afraid of such strong colors in their living space, but I think they are completely beautiful! If your walls have some neutral color than it is perfect with a brighter accessories! Curtains are amazing when you want to make some quick changes in the room. Do not be afraid of pretty bright colors especially in the summer time! They will bring so much life into your living space!

Before I have done this living room redecoration-it was a pretty dull space. We just put up new wallpaper that was grey and room looked pretty dark. So I have made some changes now! Check it out and let me know what you think!

PS: I added some Zebra into the picture in order to give my living room a more fun look. If you want any room to look interesting-I suggest zebra rug or pillows with black and white print! It is something that fits into any type of interior and adds so much character!

This is how room looked before I made some "pink" changes!

Room before the “PINK TRANSFORMATION” was made!

Now living room looks like this: more summery and fun! Check it out!

“Pink Transformation” is completed!

I also suggest adding some colorful details, like candle holders or vases in the same color (not too many though:-)!

Got this cute little candle holders from my friend Anna! The white thing is a plate that is actually used for the cookies and cupcakes! But oh well, I repurposed it!

Do not underestimate the power of curtains!!!! They do wonders and give your room completely different room! For a big change just change the curtains!!!! That’s all that is needed!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!




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