Nursery DIY: or how to decorate nursery walls with OLD wallpaper!

I love decorating kids rooms or nurseries because that is where you can really use all of your creativity and create the most amazing things without being afraid to do too much! Kids room is pretty much the only place in the house where you can go completely crazy and create whatever you wish. The more-the better!

When we moved into our house and did not have any children-we really did not feel like spending money on changing kids room. So it was the only room that we left without any renovation done to it! Than when we got our baby boy-I still did not feel like spending the whole bunch of money on putting up new wallpaper because once your child is 3 years old than he pretty much tells you what kind of theme he wants in his room.

Once I got pregnant and it was time to decorate nursery for the baby-I thought that I could still keep the old wallpaper on the walls, but I decided to make little changes! We had so much old wallpaper that we were going to through away when I suddenly had an idea that you can use it for painting on the other side. Plus wallpaper is really great if you want to put it on the wall. So I took some old wallpaperI,turned it around and painted this big tree. Than I cut  it out and put it on the wall with the help of a simple paper glue. Than I painted some animals, cut them out ,put them under the tree, and this little red bird that I put on the tree. Here is what it looked like at the end! All I used is old wallpaper, paper glue and simple acrylic paint. You can use any old wallpaper for this or any other paper! Check out what it looks like now!

Old wallpaper repurposed!

“Wallpaper Tree” works wonders in any nursery!

“Wallpaper Tree”

I think it looks really cute! The fun part is that you can continue expanding this application and add some more animals, trees, etc! You can go completely crazy with these things and the best part that it cost nothing! Your child can also take a part in this fun project and help you paint some little things that you guys can put up on the wall! This is def one of my favorite DIYs in the house and I put so much love into it! Every time I walk into my sons room-seeing this cute paper tree puts a huge smile on my face!





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