The Box: organize your stuff on the shelf!

I was so tired of the stuff in the hallway! I mean those little things that are laying everywhere and you never can find them when you need them! You all know how it is with things like keys, credit card holders, accessories, etc! Lately I have discovered that tiny boxes that you can find on any flea market can do real wonders! Just take a locket off and you instantly get a wonderful little space where you can put all the tiny things! And it will also look super glamorous! For instance, I got this tiny silver box with a locket from Linda, my beautiful friend! She found it on a flea market but did not really know what to do with it so she gave it to me! ( I love Linda! I always get the cutest little things from her that she finds real cheap! She is a real flea market expert) Anyways, when I thought that little box I instantly thought about all the things I had on the shelf in our hallway! Things that you can never find place for! And now this box found its perfect place here, right on the shelf! The other thing that I love about that box is that it is from the 1940s and it brings so much charm and character into the house!

Another great way to keep your stuff is to simply put all of the tiny things on little plates! For example ones that are used for candles! Or why not take a cute little ash tray? Here is how I keep my little things in one place on a shelf! Check it out!

Using tiny boxes and plates will help you to keep things organized! In this way you will never have to look for your watch, rings, keys or whatever you need in order to get out of the house and have a great day:-)!

Keep your stuff organized!


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