Cutest stool: make it yourself!

I was looking for a cute little chair or stool that I could put next to my make up table forever! Everything I found in stores were either too big, too small, to chunky or simply uncomfy! So I decided to make my own chair that would also suit my oriental bedroom style! THANK YOU IKEA! YES! I love Ikea not because they have the greatest designs, but because they have so much basic stuff that you can buy cheap and redo yourself! So I got this little stool, or whatever it is called on english for like 3 dollars! I made a soft nice seat for it with a piece that I cut out from the old mattress. (Old mattress is a great thing to have in case you need a stuffing for your diy projects, so I always make sure I keep one in the basement so I can cut out pieces from it once in a while).

Than I glued a round little seat piece into the stools seat with a hot glue! I had some old curtains that were not being used but I really loved the color and the fabric, so I decided to use this fabric to reupholster my little make up stool! When this part was done I sewed tiny oriental things left from an old neckless and there you go! I got a perfect cute make up chair that is not too little or to uncomfy to sit on! It is just perfect! You can also use it as a side table next to the bed to keep your books on! Check it out!

That is what the finished product looks like! Easy easy easy!

With little jewels on the side to make it look a bit more glamorous!

Use it as a side table for your bed!


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