It’s summer: Time to STYLE UP your garden!

Summer is my most favorite time of the year! It is the only season when everything is really living to the fullest! It is amazing to see how in April/May all of the plants that have been completely dead during winter are coming back to life and everything transforms dramatically, becoming so beautiful! I can really say I love gardening (well, at least the easy part of it). Planting flowers and than seeing how much your outdoor space transforms into something magical-is really worth spending your time on it:-)! In this post I would like to share my latest ideas on a great outdoor space! All you need is a tiny space in your garden where you can set up a garden tent! The one I got is really great! It costs only 40 dollars and all of the chairs I got from our relatives for free! You can do magic with garden tents! You can transform them to tiny outdoor dining rooms or yoga retreats! You can fill them pretty much with anything from beautiful lanterns and pillows to outdoor plants, vases with freshly cut flowers and all kinds of other great outdoor stuff. The easiest way to decorate your outdoors space is to cut some fresh flowers and put them in anything, I mean anything like vases or just simple glass jars, flowers pots, etc! You can put them all over your garden! I think that flowers like that look best on the stairs welcoming visitors into the house! Here comes some pictures of my beautiful flowers and some of the ideas on how to decorate your outdoor tent!

Gardens best accessory- my gummy boots:-)

My little sunshine is enjoying summer time!


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