The Vase

Add some charm!

Yesterday I got the most beautiful thing in one of the design stores and it was on sale for 10 dollars! Vases are def HUGE when it comes to creating a character in the room. When buying one, I suggest you look for neutral colors. In this way any vase will be able to fit absolutely any type of interior. Any empty space in the house can be easily decorated with a vase. Any any vase can be decorated too. Vases do great on book shelves or just any shelves where you have an open space. But they do even better next to books, picture frames and other small things! The trick is to combine several components in order to create a little theme corner for the vase. I suggest you put up 3 different components. For example, you can put your vase on top of a couple of books and you can put a picture frame next to it. EASY, right? And there you go! Creating a cozy home space! Check it out!

Just add a tassel to change the look

Add a picture frame to bring some personality into the picture

Through some bids into the picture


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