On the Wall: or easy ways to transform your favorite plates into ART!

How many of you have something really beautiful locked up somewhere in the kitchen cabinet? I mean those beautiful plates that you got from your grandma or some gorgeous things that you bought just for the guests and that are never being used?

This summer I received the most beautiful little things ever! It was a tiny boxy with five beautiful plates for the soya sauce once you make sushi. At first I put it in one of the cabinets, but the next morning I realized that I really wanted to look at this tiny pieces of art every single morning when I wake up! So instead of hiding this little cuties I decided to create a little wall art with them.

I had a couple of cheap mirrors from Ikea with a wooden frame. So I decided to take one of them and glue all of the little plates on it! The result was amazing. Now I am still wondering if I should put it on the kitchen wall or should I use this little art thing as a candle dish on the dining table! Check it out!

Littles fish plates in the original box

So cute! Let’s create a little wall art with them!

Ikea mirror and a hot glue gun! That’s all you need!

There you go! That’s what it will look like! Now: PUT IT ON YOUR KITCHEN WALL!

Or why not put a candle inside? Will def look cute on your dining table!


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