The Chair: how to make any living space personal

Any empty space can be easily decorated with an armchair or just a simple chair. Many people underestimate how much chair can change appearance of the whole room. Chairs and armchairs do not absolutely need to do the matchy thing. They do not need to match anything in your room. On the opposite, I think the character of the chair should be completely different from the character of the whole room – that what gives a room a personal touch. Do not waste your time looking in stores for a brand new armchair. Of course, you can do it if you have a couple of extra hundred bucks in your pocket, because most of the armchairs are pretty expensive if you would buy a brand new one. For me the best place to look for chairs with some character is def flea markets, or online sources like Swedish web page called or Traditional Emma chairs in a pretty bad shape can be bought online for about 20 to 50 dollars and it does not take much skill to reupholster any old chair, like Emma armchairs from the early 1920s. You do not even need to do that if your chair is in a pretty good shape. I think it still looks great when it looks a bit shabby, it gives your space hell much of a character right away.

One you find a place for your chair-think about this chair as a center piece of that space. Decorate IT! Through a nice unmatchy pillow with a cozy blanket on the side. Put up a big lantern next to the chair and may be a little shelf behind where you can put up your collectibles or picture frames on! You can also put a big painting on the wall behind the chair, or just a cute mirror. Anything! And there you go, your space gets a completely different look. I believe that every living room should has one chair with lots of character and there you go – your living space instantly gets a new look, becoming more personal and cozy.

Here is my absolutely favorite chair that I found on a couple of years ago. I absolutely love it! It gives kind of a royal feeling to every room and the best thing is that you can have it anywhere. Once you get tired of having it in the living room-it would perfectly suit to any bedroom or into the nursery. Make sure the chair you get is comfortable. Everything you buy for you house should be comfy!




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