Hello World: or why I am creating this blog!

I would love to welcome all of you to this wonderful blog! My name is Elle and I am a real nerd when it comes to beautiful things. I strongly believe that since our lives are so short and unique – we need to make sure that we live them in a gorgeous way and surround ourself with beautiful things. For me life is all about beauty! That is what keeps me inspired! I look for beauty in people, no no, here I am talking not only the outer appearance, but the inside beauty! I look for beauty in things – not only new polished things that look great on the shelf in the store, but also old things that you can find on a flea market and give them a new life, things with lots of history that transform your home into a personal space. I look for beauty in nature. Nature is a real source of inspiration. When everything else in this world is created by people-nature is the only pretty much untouched sphere, where beauty comes out in its pure form.

I truly believe that every single aspect of our life would feel much better if only we added a touch of style to it! We all can make our lives gorgeous! The only thing that is needed is a little bit of creativity. Yes, CREATIVITY! Every single one of us can look great and live in a beautiful home without spending the whole bunch of money on expensive latest style things. I strongly believe that in order to be your own person-each and every one of us should have our own style!

As for me, I am a young MOM of a wonderful 2 year old boy named Niklas and a full time university student studying media and communications. I live in Sweden together with my family and our white samojed dog named Zorro. I have always loved everything that has to do with art and design and been addicted to beautiful things, or making things beautiful around me. Recently I have given this lots of thought and following fall I will be starting my studies to become interior design consultant! I am really looking forward to connecting my life and future career with interior design and that is why I created this blog: to share the best of my creative ideas with the people who share the same passion in life-passion for creating a beautiful living.



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